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RE: OT: begin of millenium.

Alright! Enough with this Millennium crap... Let's get back to
business and finally sort out the midi pgm 0-126 or 1-127 argument!
I'm all for 1-127 because 0 signifies nothing 

** ya know i read a book on sacred geometry not so long ago that said that
the beginning of many of mankind's problems had to do with the fact the 
was adopted in western mathematics; that zero basically refuted the
existence of god and was therefore the beginning of the end - - so to 
(or something along these lines . . .)

then i guess we could talk about clocks with faces versus digital clocks
with readouts (i favor wind-up pocket watches myself) and the idea of the
metric system versus the good old english system of things being based on
the number 12, etc. 

ya know some say that world war two was ushered in by concert "a" being
brought up a cent . . .