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Re: echo decay!!!

>if the entire signal path is digital, then in LOOP mode there
>is simply a digital signal fed back into the main path with a gain of 
>this number 1.000... would be written into software and be "exactly"
>the same between two loopers.  no minor variations in machines would
>result in slight differences as the algorithm would be exactly the
>now, if there were an analog path somewhere in there, then this would
>be perfectly reasonable.  there'd be a resistor/potentiometer somewhere
>that was slightly maladjusted and somewhere the signal path multiple
>would be 0.999 or so instead of 1.000.

Well thought, but its analog in the beginning: The FB control is a
potentiometer with a DC value that is converted to digital. So if the
potentiometer or the parts arround it are not acurate enough, they dont
reach the voltage for the 1.000 value. Which part it is can be found with a
volt meter...
Sorry for this one!

>Could you be getting slightly low power or amperage?  Perhaps the
>power in your studio is below that magic 110V?

could cause it, but probably you would note other problems like hum in the

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