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Re: i dont take tags off mattrases

At 6:35 PM -0800 11/17/99, Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 11/17/99 10:17:34 PM Mid-Atlantic Standard Time,
>kflint@annihilist.com writes:
><< This requires that you actually open up the unit, and have it opened 
> the power on. *Please follow appropriate electrical safety rules!!*  If 
> are not careful and you fry yourself, please don't blame me!
>  >>
>and i was begining to want one of these puppies..........:)........ a dumb
>question, but, what does this "fix" do to the warranty of the "edp"?....is
>there a warranty?......does it matter?........

sheesh Michael, get a grip!

Of course there is a warranty on the echoplex, and if you worry about such
things don't like DIY maintenance, you can call Gibson Customer Service and
they will happily provide you the name of the factory authorized warranty
service center near you. They've got places contracted all over the world
for this stuff. You can send your echoplex there if that helps you sleep at

But ya know, some people are happy to replace their own oil and spark
plugs, and don't need the dealer when they're a quart low! If you don't
want to be one of those self-sufficient types, suit yourself. But there are
lot's of people who like to be able to manage these things themselves,
that's why we share tech info on lists like this. Why should a simple
two-minute job be a big secret that you have to pay somebody else to take
care of? There's lots of people on this list who know their way around a
screw driver, that's who these tech details are for.

Re-setting this dc offset pot on the echoplex is a heck of a lot easier
(and safer) than say, re-biasing a tube amp or something. It's not likely
to ever be necessary for most people, but you never know. Things get bumped
around, parts change characteristics with age. Doesn't hurt to give it a
tune up every now and then.

>perhaps when the new and
>improved "edp" comes out,

for the bazillionth and one time, there's no new and improved echoplex
coming out! Same hardware is being made, the production is just being
restarted in a new facility where they are makeing sure everything is being
done properly, with high-quality workmanship. gotta love those brittish
engineers. ;-)

>either mathias or kim or both could put out a
>niffty instuctional video on it.........michael

I think Matthias will do that one with his friends down in Brazil, whenever
somebody comes up with a video budget. Maybe he'll include some nice scenes
of Carnival and his new place in Mata! :-)


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