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Re: torn/vortex-mixer

> I want to get some Torn but don't know where to start- I heard a song on 
> radio that was just guitar and maybe keyboard- like a really soulful 
> based thing- anyone know what record this is on? I figure that would be a
> good place to start-
sounds like it mighta been the piece 'shofar', from 'tripping over god' 
(cmp records); if so, well, that's 2 guitars..... no keyboards on that one.
me, i'd suggest 'what means 'solid', traveller?' (also on cmp), but..... 
> PS- David, that song was amazing- the guitar playing was wonderful- I was
> surprised to find it was you b/c of a lack of loops
> etc- very nice!
thanks, but..... seems very unlikely that there was a lack of loops..... 
maybe they were hiding. lemme know ifya figger out what that piece was; ye 
can always call the radio-station, eh?

> PSS- I got my Vortex back from Lexicon and am experimenting with how to 
> it up- I have 3 aux sends I cant seem to get a stereo output happening.  
> have 2 mono sends going into the Vortex and one comes back to the L 
> of 1 loop and 1 comes to the R return of a second
> effect loop-
1) are the mono sends different from each other? if not, thenya only need 
use one of 'em.
2) why not just use both sides of 1 stereo rtn?

> but i am
> missing stereo- no panning effects etc are in stereo field- (I have an 
> Yamaha KM802) Any suggestions appreciated
3) are ya actually monitoring in stereo; ie, stereo amp?
4) are the effects returns fully panned (try solo-ing each, ta see if 
they's only on one side, each)