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Re: er, zorn, bungle, bailey, brotzmann

--- Mike Biffle <mbiffle@svg.com> wrote:
> Fred Frith is another who seems to capture his live
> "spirit" on tape
> fairly well. Guitar Solos is a walk on the razors
> edge...

Guitar Solos is still more like a document though (I'm
going with the idea of a document being just a
"straight" recording), it's just that he's so good it
is excellent on its own.  And I know he pays attention
to how it sounds while performing and not just how it
looks, even with all the towels flopping and alligator
clips flying and what not.
> Nels Cline Trio is also quite a ride... It's
> surprising how much
> interplay there is in that ensemble and how well it
> translates to a
> studio document. I'd love to see them live... They
> do some pretty
> radical flash-cut transitions live as well...

I've been hearing a lot about that lately, I'll have
to check them out soon.  I heard a part of the
Coltrane- Ali tribute, guitar and drum duo thing he
did and liked it quite a bit.  Sounds like it's
definitely something I'd be into from your
description.  Thanks.   



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