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Re: er, zorn, bungle, derek bailey... OT

This whole thread seems to have a general tone of not liking the
recordings as much as the live "event". 

The nature of both Zorn and Bungle is one of interaction and
execution... In Derek Bailey's book "Improvisation..." he discusses
the live performance and how trying to document it in any way removes
it from it's proper contextual environment. You're really not getting
all the elements that were present affecting the performers and their
choices. Seeing them making those choices and creating their music AND
actually experiencing that CAN'T be captured. 

Now we all know how great it is to get a recording of someone we love
and REALLY enjoy listening to it. But frequently I chase down an
artist's work and find that, sure... I get a lot of information from
the documented playing, but just don't need to listen a whole lot
more... even though I will beat a path to their gigs because it's
incredibly vital and ground breaking, essential stuff (Fripp is this
way for me... can't listen much to the recordings, but love him live).
But it's a real time phenomena and the document is just a single
snapshot of a larger process.

BTW: Bungle has actually done Zorn's COBRA... I don't know who
prompted, but I'd love to hear their session of that!

Best Regards,
Miko Biffle, mbiffle@svg.com
"Running scared from all the usual distractions..."

>>> Neal Trembath <ntrembat@statsol.com> 11/10 1:05 AM >>>

If you ever get a chance to see him doing COBRA, do it!