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Re: more toys

> other niffty toys and a good overview can be found at www.beatnik.com
> all this kept me up very late last nite, made me wonder though, how many
> monkeys does it take to make music that i like?.........i think that on
> level, this stuff sort of scares me........ive spent years and
> to do this sort of thing (kind of) and now anyone can jump on the
> bandwagon.........now we will have many little morton subotnics (sp) out
> there

Advances in technology are are always a double (or triple, or more) edged
sword. While they can be used to produce previously impossible, inspired
works in the hands of talented artists, they also make it possible for
legions of people to create an endless supply of mediocre works.

Which, in itself might produce another side effect; a quite desirable one 
my mind. With the means of artistic creation widely availabe, when the
average citizen is faced with the daunting task of separating the precious
wheat from the abundant chaff of other people's art, perhaps they will be
encouraged to produce their own art instead. These days, too much emphasis
is placed on the marketing and consumption of art, and too little emphasis
is placed on its creation - an equally important, or even more important
part of the equation, IMHO.

>........but i can still play the lick from "smoke on the water" on my
> unmentionable............:)..........michael

Now *that* is a very personal form of expression......

-- Mango --
A *huge* Bungle fan, with no appologies......