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Re: mr bungle

>The word "hate" is being flung around too much for my
>taste here (in this thread).  I can't take a person's
>opinion very seriously when I see that.  Hating it
>means, to me, that you didn't give it an ample try
>before judging.  I catch myself doing that and I then
>know I'm being an ignorant and fearful jackass.  More
>often than not, I then learn to appreciate whatever it
>is quite a bit.  Certainly more than something that
>didn't create strong feelings in me at all.  

Everyone's got an opinion. If "hate" is the right word -
and words *do* mean something - then who are you to say?
I HATE pretentious dreck and self-conscious baffoonery
of Mr Bungle. And you don't. But no one said you were
an idiot for liking it, did they? Are you an "an ignorant 
and fearful jackass" for having bad taste - afraid of not 
liking it for whatever reason? Who knows? It's all