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Re: Advice on digital VCR for loop purposes

At 08:13 PM 10/29/99 -0700, Javier Miranda V. wrote:
>I would like to request of those loopers who are knowledgeable of VCR and
>VCR recording for audio purposes -- loop audio of course -- to review the
>specs on this digital VCR that I've come to know about.  I've copied the
>specs on a page in my website:
>I don't know what makes a VCR digital, does that mean it records 
>It seems this thing, if it records digitally, would turn out to be one 
>of a mixing deck, no? ...for the price, I mean.  I'm getting what looks 
>a good deal for this at http://shop.theglobe.com.

hey, shameless plug for my buddies in ATI's video software team, creators 
a Digital VCR that runs on your PC:

ATI Announces ATI-Video Wonder(TM) Add-In Board for
Frame-Accurate Video Editing, Time-Shifting, Turning the PC
Into A Digital VCR

Not sure how you'd use it for looping, but you're all a creative lot, I'm
sure you'll figure something out. go nuts...

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