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Re: Get Over Yourself (peace and love said jimmi)

I want to add a peaceful message to you (hang on I'm serious please)
If I (me) would have recieved the same message from Kim I would just
hang my face a big <G> smile and agree because of the humour of the
I would get it this way because I'm around in loopers delight for 2
years now and this has never been an agressive list but a deep and funny
crowd of individuals

don't be offended; just hang around here for the topics and the fine


chalchiuhtlicue wrote:
> 1)  it did conform to the subject - it was loopers talking about their 
> rigs.  the instrument one uses to feed sounds into the loop is a large 
> of the rig.  the posters weren't exchanging pie recipes, they were 
>loopers who
> were talking shop.
> 2) it wasn't a gentle rebuke.  he insulted half the list subscribers in a
> patronizing way.  I'm sorry, but it's hard not to take that as a rant, 
> it's offensive.  I don't care if he's the listkeeper or not.  he accuses
> guitarists for not apologizing for going off subject, and at the same 
>time he
> doesn't apologize for his attitude or indicate in any way that he is 
> facetious.  Sorry, Tom, but I simply don't buy it.