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It was for sale in europe before CE went into effect. That was a few years
ago, though.


At 1:23 PM -0700 10/22/99, Martin Shellard wrote:
>The original EDP has CE certification and so has never been sold in 
>afaik. I'd say your chance of finding one second hand/imported are slim.
>Martin Shellard
>>From: igames@zol.co.zw
>>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>>Subject: EDP
>>Date: Fri, Oct 22, 1999, 6:42 pm
>> Anyone know where I can find an EDP in England? Situation complicated as
>> I will only be there for one week later this year. Currently reside in
>> Zimbabwe/Botswana. ....Ian

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