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Re: vibrato tremolo

don't go too crazy:  use of word tremolo wrt guitar whammy bars isn't all 
incorrect because the word actually has two definitions.


1    the rapid reiteration of a musical tone
    or of alternating tones to produce a tremulous

2    a mechanical device in an organ for causing
    a tremulous effect

however, the electric guitar has given us a morph of definition two:  a
tremolo is now also a special kind of bridge on an electric guitar for 
the pitch of notes.

tremolos on electric guitars allow you to do vibrato, which is

    a slightly tremulous effect imparted to vocal
    or instrumental tone for added warmth and
    expressiveness by slight and rapid variations
    in pitch,

but that's not all you can do with them.  You can use them to dive-bomb,
imitate vocal tones and police sirens, create psychotic glissandi, and make
lots of other cool sounds.  none of that stuff I just mentioned is vibrato,
but it's damn cool, so cool that I just bought a new guitar with a
double-locking tremolo so I can do it all night long without having to 
500 times.

didn't it used to be called a vibrolo?

Cliff Claven

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> The difference in vibrato and tremelo is as follows:
> tremelo is the variation in the volume of you sound
> vibrato is a variation in the pitch
> What peole generally refer to as a tremelo bar should actually be called 
> vibrato bar.  Drives me crazy.  something you may want to look into as 
> as vibrato goes is DigiTech's wammy pedal.  Not only are there several
> (programable) types of vibrato, but there are also a lot of wah's.  Just 
> thought.