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Re: vibrato tremolo

The difference in vibrato and tremelo is as follows:
tremelo is the variation in the volume of you sound
vibrato is a variation in the pitch
What peole generally refer to as a tremelo bar should actually be called a
vibrato bar.  Drives me crazy.  something you may want to look into as far
as vibrato goes is DigiTech's wammy pedal.  Not only are there several
(programable) types of vibrato, but there are also a lot of wah's.  Just a

>From: "mark givens" <markeg@ivillage.com>
>To: "Electronic music "gearhead" list" <SYNTH-L@LISTSERV.AMERICAN.EDU>
>Subject: vibrato tremolo
>Date: Fri, Oct 22, 1999, 3:33 PM

> dear list: I just got my rocktek vibrator . Its great great for 20.00.  I
> really like it. Now , oive been told that most so called tremolo pedals 
> actually vibrato pedals (or is it the other way round) and that there is 
> difference . I see that there is a pedal that does both. what is the
> difference. Anyway i like this so much I may upgrade in about a year to 
> dod pedal with the third nob for waveform control .or this other which 
> it does both. I will use this one to imitate a dj's "transform" which is
> where a dj crossfades quickly so as to cuase parts of the sound to drop 
> or out. this is also sometimes accompanied with a pitch bend at the same
> time.my mixer has a botton"transform" but it is so noisy i cant record 
> it. so i end up using the fader and fading to silence on channel 2 and 
> quickly.now ill just use this.
> On Fri, 22 Oct 1999 13:41:06   Drew Skyfyre wrote:
>>> If your under 25,...etc.
>>Hey I'm 26, can I still play, huh ?
>>Anyway, I've been here on & off since Jan of '98. Nicest Synth list 
>>I for one enjoy even the occasional off-topic banter. And while we're on 
>>subject of the US & Canada, here's a good one a buddy from California 
>>sent my way - Drew
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