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Re: Synchronization band-loop (machine-loop)

Sorry to reply so late
was in holidays in my litle casa down in Ibiza......

Matthias Grob wrote:
> >Matthias Grob wrote:
> >>
> >> Jim asked:
> >> >Anyone use the EDP midi out to sync. drum machines?
> >> >I always find that even with 1/8th beats at max. the
> >> >clock output is far too slow even on a 5sec. base loop.
> >>
> >> Oh, thats interesting. It would not be complicated to change the 1/8th
> >> beats table. Maybe it should not contain all the odd beat numbers, but
> >> bigger ones instead?
> Jim again:
> >propable a bad idea (and assuming your still up for ideas
> >for firmware "upgrades) but ... how about an option instead
> >of 1/8th beats where you can dial in a bpm setting which
> >generates a clock-out and controls the quantised functions?
> >then instead of 1/8th beats you could simple have a choice
> >of 4/4 3/4 or triplet times which determined how the EDP
> >quantises your loop time to the beat pattern.
> One thing is the definition of the timing with a programable dial-number
> variable. Certainly not for EDP any more, but for something bigger, many
> wished that.
> The other thing is the definition of the measure. We only have one button
> for it. As I understand, you would be satisfied with just 4/4, 3/4 and
> multiples while others seam to want all options up to 63/8 ? Really?:
> Claude finds:
> >Adding bigger ones is needed
> ok, lets look for a solution!
> >but cutting out some values could start a war...
> I hope the soldiers step out here and declare their credo to avoid the 
> If I simply increase the table, you get a tired finger.

as the new edp soft will have presets this wouldn't be a real problem
assign a cc to the 8th value you can make the sequencer switch tempo
on the fly while keeping the loop lenght intact I'm not sure every seq
can hold that but I just tried with seq303 www.technotoys.com and MMT8
and it
works trop cool 
went from 4/4 (8)to 3/4 6/8 (6) with the 4/4 loop
washing away while the new meter fighting his way in

just try it mannually on the EDP display (I sometimes send a stop/start
to realign the seq to the loop)

> I can make the longpress count quickly (like Source#...) instead of go 
> to 8, which I found more usefull and might start another "war"...

the worst problem is actually when you miss the target value and have to
make a long press to start again (8th/beat) or go thru all the values
like (Source#)

is there no way to use the parameter btn to make alt functions for
scrolling values
like push 8th/beat (long), it starts scrolling fwd, keeping the button
pressed hit PAR (short) :scrolls backward
hit PAR long scrolls fast

hope this helps