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Re: Just Wondering

>This is off topic, but at least there'll be no mention of Honda's.
>Since there seems to be a large contingency of Bay Areanites on the
>list, I was wondering if any of you, or anyone else for that matter,
>could inform me of the status of the magazine Mondo 2000. I live in the
>far unlit unknown, and haven't seen it on newstands in well over a year.
>It's sorely missed, as there was some interesting tech stuff inside.
>Thanks, Z.

Hmmmm- as a former featured illustrator ( my favorite, an Eno
illustration!), I can tell you poor ol' Mondo seems to have been dying a
slow death for several years. My perception is despite several game
attempts, they can't capture the fun the early Mondo's had. One factor
might be that the whole "tech" thing really has been made mainstream by
Wired, which itself appears to be past it's prime. It's truly a vicious
life-cycle for pop culture magazines...

I would be surprised to see another...