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Re: Looping in Oakland-gig announcement

we want pictures and gossips
for the loopers delight "people" page

scott kungha drengsen wrote:
> This Saturday,Roland(the Psuedo Buddha percussionist) and I will again
> be playing at the Temescal Cafe at Telegraph, 4920 near 51st from 1.30
> to 3.30pm.(510-595-4069)In addition,esteemed list members Alan
> Imberg,Javier Miranda,Mark Sottilaro have expressed interest in sitting
> in.(please contact me for a semblence of order and forgive me for not
> contacting you individually,it's been a crazy week)Last time was
> wonderful,with a handful of loopers meeting face to face and Kim
> Flint!!! making an appearance.Please stop by if you can.I'll post again
> when I know who will be joining us.  THANK YOU
>                                            Scott Kungha Drengsen