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RE: Synchronization band-loop (manual)

Javier, very nice:
>You know, Matthias, the Echoplex manual could well use this type of
>description to many of the functions.  There's nothing like this type of
>imaginative, relaxed way of describing something to make you really not 
>understand, but get inspired...  And it sure beats what's currently in the

Oh, thanks. I made a big effort for the LOOP delay manual with the help of
Eric, Dandy and  Boris. Warren made a completely new one in no time.
Comunication was bad. Since the units are pretty similar, have a read
there, I think its on the site.
Maybe someone should update it for the plex? (I think I should not, right
now ;-)

>Anyway, just a thought.  Perhaps I've missed an already-compiled list of
>these gems...  And, if none's there, well, could I make one, with the help
>of those interested and inspiring loopers?

Oh, you offer some of your time and love? Thats great!
I dont think there is anything compiled really. The parts would be:
The actual manual,
my correction file for it (about 20 inacurate facts, never corrected),
the LOOP delay manual,
contributions in the list mails,
Erics MIDI manual,
some files Kim and I wrote about the upgrades...

Whatever I can help you...
Maybe Gibson is aware of the lack and may help in some way...

         ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org