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Re: Synchronization band-loop (monitoring)

>Yeah it can be difficult but I find that with a small ensemble (duo or
>trio or quartet) it can work out well when the other musicians can
>hear the loop at a good level in the mix. Maybe the guys I play with
>just listen  as I listen to them. A good long sound check and lower
>stage levels can also realy help.

I find the question of monitoring very interesting:
Usually, musicians want to hear themselves louder than the others. This may
make sense in many situations. But I got used to have the "real" mix in the
headphones and find it "healthier", because you get the picture of the
listener, put yourself in the place of importance and volume you really
have in the band. If you dont hear exactly some details you are doing,
thats fine, because the listener will not hear it anyway. Its the effect of
the ensemble that counts, not perfection of the members.
And in such a mix, it is not difficult to follow the loop.
Its dificult to creat such a mix (without phones) on a stage, though...

>I go back and forth from loop and no
>loop ,bring em in when the groove is happening and pedal em out when
>there's a glitch.

On the EDP we thought of doing this with Mute-Undo:
Mute stops the loop (when its off-band for example)
Undo restarts it from the beginning (to catch up with the band)

You can also connect a ordinary foot switch to the beat sync, set Sync=IN
and stomp on the swich at beat one to correct a bit.

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