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Re: Echoplex output level--too quiet

At 10:14 AM -0700 9/29/99, Travis Hartnett wrote:
>The FAQ mentions that some people complain that the output level of the 
>is too quiet, while the input is too sensitive, and that there's a mod 
>remedies that (changing a few resistor values).  It also says that the mod
>was rolled into production units as of early '98.
>However, I've got two EDP's, an older one and a newer one (purchased 
>this year, came with the new sticker and software), and the newer one is
>still by far the lowest output device in my setup.  I haven't opened the 
>one up yet to verify that the mod is present, but does anyone know if this
>roll-in occurred and if it made a tremendous difference?

My guess is this unit doesn't have the mod done for some reason. Pop the
top and check the resistor values for the gain. It's simple to change, and
to me it makes a big difference.


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