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RE: Korg DL8000

Kevin -

I have one of these.  I have not used it for Looping however, just for some
odd and stereo delay effects I've created.

There is a lot of tweakability built into the device.  I had hoped it could
replace my Korg SDD2000.  But alas, the digital DL8000 sine/triangle and
square waveforms are not as even and smooth as on the analog SDD2000.

My biggest gripes with the DL8000 are:

1) Damn noisy device -- which really supprised me.  Hitting bypass really
shows up how noisy the thing is...

2) Odd "ball and chain" placement of the transformer two-thirds of the way
down the power chord, which is a bit of a bother for me as I rack-mount my
stuff for gigs and such.

That said, for the money there are some neato effects, and having a delay
that thinks and presents beats per minute delay times makes for easier
real-time synchonization with other things.

David Kirkdorffer

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Anyone ever tried this device out or used it for looping?  10 seconds of
mono delay and some other interesting features make it look tempting.  It
looks like it may have been discontinued (I may be wrong but its not
supported on Korg's site anymore and its $339 at ZZounds (list $600)).

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