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Re: Spam-o-Rama?

At 11:10 AM -0700 9/26/99, Stephen Goodman wrote:

>I hope it's not necessary to unsubscribe just to get rid of the =
>electronica spam we've all been getting this week.  Kim, if you've any =
>tips how to take ourselves off the rogue mailing list that's attached =
>itself to LD, please inform.  It's getting a bit much!

I suppose this is happening to some of you, so I'll tell you what I think
is going on.

People who have been on the list for longer than a year-and-a-half probably
received a bunch of spams recently that appeared to be posts to this list.
Funny thing is, they weren't posted to the list. In fact, the Looper's
Delight list server blocks any posts from addresses not subscribed to the

If you look closely at those spams, you'll see that they actually came from
slip.net, the incompetent ISP where I originally started Looper's Delight
years ago. A year and a half ago, I got so fed up with their pathetic
"service" that I cancelled the looper accounts and moved the whole shebang
to another ISP called Alabanza.com. So we've trucked along there ever 

Now all of a sudden, these spams show up. It seems that the morons at
slip.net either never deleted the old mailing list, or they reactivated it
for some reason. Some clever spam-hacker has figured this out, and
discovered he could send out his spam by addressing them to lists he's
found on the slip.net server. The spams go out to the list subscriber list
from a year and a half ago. I don't have any access to it, so I don't have
any control over the mess. I did contact slip.net and asked them to please
delete the old lists. Presumably they will screw this task up, so please
feel free to launch malicious internet hack attacks on them if you see
another such spam.

And if you think Stephen here sounds peeved, its nothing compared to the
people who unsubscribed long ago and now find themselves getting spammed by
Looper's Delight. Boy, did I get a mailbox full of that!

Sorry about the trouble, I'm doing what I can to fix it, wish I could do 

(slip.net also figured out a way to bill my credit card $75 recently for
another account that I cancelled many months ago. Now they claim I never
cancelled it and refuse to undo the charge. So if any of you wants to
launch cracker attacks on slip.net, or perhaps leave large amounts of
explosives in their lobby, you have my permission.)


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