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Roland PK-5 Comments?

Interested in comments from anyone who has or has considered using the
Roland PK-5 in a MIDI effect and/or looping rig.


Also, does anyone know of a MIDI CC pedal that has a MIDI out right on the
pedal (i.e., not a volume or CV into a conversion box)? The folks on
alt.guitar.effects have so far come up with Digitech and Morley as possible

Since the PK-5 doesn't support expression pedals as far as I can tell
(although, you'd think one would be useful,) I thought I could put a MIDI
expression pedal in front of it, and allow it to merge the MIDI messages.

So what do you think? Does this sound like a good floor control rig? Or
should I go with the Roland FC-200, or even hold out for the elusive 

Of course, it would look damn cool if I used BOTH the PK-5 and my ART X-15
at the same time! There would be no room left for me!

-- Mango --