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Re: Vortex Pedal Query...

The Boss EV-5 also works great but is quite a bit more expensive than
the Proel... I've got 3 EV-5's and am going to switch to Proel for my
next two...

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>>> "Jenni Leeds" <jennil@bellsouth.net> 09/26 9:20 PM >>>
    It seems that the archive is not working or that I'm doing
something wrong; all of my searches are coming up empty with subjects
as basic as "vortex" or "echoplex". What gives?
    Anyway, I know we've touched on this before but since I can't
seem to work a simple archive please forgive...
What are the best expression/volume pedals for the Lexicon Vortex?
I'd really like a wah-wah/volume/expression pedal if possible.
Is the Zoom EP01 a good choice? (I have an opportunity to get one
rather cheap.)
    I particularly remember a post by one D. Stagner, in which he
inquired about the "full sweep" of morphing capability and which pedal
best performs this?  I would prefer such a thing too.

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