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Re: Ram my Spam

Oh, ick. Spamming on Loopers'Delight? I haven't seen any. I wonder if my
server protects me somehow. Spamming is one instance where I would approve 
the use of virus programs. Of course, if any of you Loopers reading this 
able to hack that well, I am certainly NOT suggesting that you should virus
any spammers back to the stone age. But if it happened and I heard about 
it, I
would have a good laugh.;-)
On a loopish topic, there is a wonderful annual experimental music 
festival at
the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland, California. This last year, one of the
performers had hung contact mics in a fountain, and was assigning each mic 
different sampled sound. She had several banks of sounds prepared and was
having fun switching between them. Can anyone tell me what box she may have
been using? There were at least six mics running into the box and each mic 
a different sound assigned.

Send me a recipe.

On second thought, send me a vegetarian recipe.

Dael Tree Franke

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