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Tr : new looper web site

Deİ: "Lionel Hubert" <khpro@worldnet.fr>
¿ : Looper delight <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Objetİ: new looper web site
Dateİ: Sam 25 sep 1999 22:19

HI !

     I'm "the K" , newer in the list, i invite you to take alook at my home
page, there is some loops and sounds (original) to download.

     But for the loop community, lisen to the "only Guitar : spool serie"
It's .mp3, and it's guitar loops treated and edited in protools.

     This is the adress : http://www.ifrance.com/kalikay

please send me feedback and tell me what are you thinking about my work.

          Thanks and excuse my bad english