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Re:Boss ME-5& a little warning

Hi all,

I was sorting through some old gear , putting it aside for trade or sale
and I ran across this old Boss ME 5 multieffect that I had been using
with a synth that I loaned out, was I surprised.

I am test flying a Zoom 2100 I was doing so Sound on sound programming,
I pulled it out of the chain replaced it with the ME 5 with the Range at
500 and the feedback at 3 o'clock.  What I got was very nice sound on
sound effect.  The output was superior to that I have been able to coax
out of the 2100 and rivals my 1/2 track reel machines in some ways.

This unit must be selling on the used market for a pittance.  It is a
deal if you can find one.

This discovery made my day.  Earlier on I had called Victor Litz Music
about a Vintage Guitar Magazine special, a $99.00 Akai Headrush.  When I
called the salesman did not know about it (red flag) and I then
overheard another salesman tell him, "we're out of stock and not
carrying it it any more, but if you want one we can get you one for $199
or so  and  $12.00 shipping."  Needless to say if I want to pay street
price for an item I will call Eighth St. not Victor Litz (Who is Victor
Litz ???)   If you see the ad or their website, and you see a $99
Headrush or $50 Variwah or Intelliphase or a $75 Shredomatic, don't get
excited it probably won't be there. It must be one of those entertaiment

Fiveman (G. Wong)

GM 70, PCM F1, Telex TDE preamps, Rhodes 73Mk1,  Thomas Organ wah,  Akai
D4 Reel to Reel, Telex 6120 cassette duplicator.  All for sale or trade