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Re: Burning Man anyone?

My God, is it possible that a collection of folks from this list are
actually agreeing upon a place to play together?  This would mean some kind
of structure wherein a chap like myself could actually play!  I can go 
with this, so long as I'm in the country!

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Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 14:07
Subject: Re: Burning Man anyone?

> Colin Jenkinson here, I'm interested.
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> Date: Wednesday, September 22, 1999 1:18 PM
> Subject: Re: Burning Man anyone?
> >Hi Jeff,
> >
> >I'm beggining some discussions concerning the dust control. Maybe
> >shrink wrap a GT-5 and leave only holes for cable jacks? Take a tiny 2
> >space rack for an EDP and Vortex and maybe also a Yamaha QY-70? I've
> >heard there are *plenty* of stages which were not in use a fair
> >portion of the time. I'm going to post a few messages to the Burning
> >Man bulletin board and see if I can make contact with any stage
> >managers or owners... I found a tabla player who'd love to meet and
> >jam next year. My keyboard playing friend has light show multi-media
> >types who are trying to figure out how to do that there as well.
> >
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> >>>> Jeff & Vonda McLeod <subversive@mindspring.com> 09/22 11:55 AM
> >>>>
> >Miko,
> > I didn't get to attend, but I do know someone who did. I heard
> >that this
> >year's was pretty huge attendance-wise--more so that in the past.
> >From
> >riding dead horses to destroying tanks and armored vehicles with
> >various
> >other dead animals. Sounds pretty damned crazy. I would love to play
> >there
> >(with some dust covers, of course...).
> >Jeff McLeod
> >
> >At 10:57 AM 9/22/1999 -0700, you wrote:
> >>Hi gang!
> >>
> >>Did any of youse attend this years Burning Man festival? A key
> >playing
> >friend of mine returned and is now raving about all the
> >techo-electronic
> >music he saw and is trying to get me into his game plan for next
> >year...
> >While I'm very interested, I was initially very worried about dust
> >and dirt
> >in very expensive equipment. Also noisy generators etc. I'd love to
> >discuss
> >all of this as well as the potential for some possible collaboration
> >at
> >next years event with any of you.
> >>
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> >all
> >the usual distractions..."
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