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Re: Boomerang and guitar


    No, not really running into any issues at all with the Boomerang not 
being in an effects loop, though I do recommend not feeding a line level 
device into the 'rang without the 'rang being in an effects loop.  Though 
do have to agree that when the 'rang is run in front of my Carvin amp, vs. 
the Mesa Boogie it is a little bit less clean.

    Now that I've been rearranging everything at home, I've been using the 
Boomerang more and more with my GR-30 and running it through the effects 
on the GR-30 with much better and cleaner results.  Another issue I'm 
is that you want to make absolutely sure that when you set your levels on 
back of the 'rang that it isn't all that hot a signal hitting the 'rang 
otherwise mine tends to cut out on me in the middle of a loop.  Though I 
to admit, I'm having a majour blast with the Boomerang vs. my