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Re: digest down since the 17th!!

Do you work for Boomerang?  I'd really rather have an EDP, but it's been
promised for many months now, and I'm giving up hope.

I assume you like your boomerang, anyway. ...

The thing is, I'd like to be able to store and trigger differnet loops,
which, from what I know of the Boomerang, is not possible.

PS:  It really amazes me that Oberheim can drag their collective tail to
the extent that some hundred or so prospective buyers ( at $600 each w/
pedal for a total of $60,000 ) are going to have to go with their 2nd
choice when they already have the plans and means to manufacture the
device.   Maybe that's small change, or maybe they should just pass the
right over to someone like Kim or Mattheus, who would probably be hapy for
the customers....

>In a message dated 9/22/99 4:10:01 PM Mid-Atlantic Daylight Time,
>ylpunk@yahoo.com writes:
><<  I'm going to be (finally) flush
> enough to buy a looper within the next month, and if there is no EDP to 
> on the horizon, I just may have to buy a Boomerang  >>
>this seems to be a great idea........and by the time you save enough to 
>the EDP it should be out and you will have had many, many hours of looping
>joy with the rang.........michael