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Re: Burning Man anyone?

I've not been to Burning Man, though I've heard from friends about all of
it.  Besides the dust and dirt, I think the only thing I'd be concerned 
would have to do with some yahoo getting it into his head that I "wasn't
participating enough," (read, "wasn't like him/her") and getting on my case
forever about it.  I understand this aspect to be a proud one of the 
Man environment, which I suppose is necessary for regular folks who would
otherwise just be home watching TV, but would no doubt inspire me to modes
of seething fury I've not encountered before.

And the dust and dirt too.  Perhaps someday when I have a car that can
survive the trip, so I can leave when I'm done with it.

This brings up an aspect of gigging that others no doubt have encountered
with open-ended, free-form environments like Burning Man: When Does One
Leave?  When you've had enough?  When your part of "the gig" is over?  When
they start throwing fruit?

I've been going to an event that pre-dates Burning Man, if not also the
Rave-as-concept, for nearly nine years (see the Studios site about "Songs
from a Tunnel" at http://www.earthlight.net/Studios.html) - this was
primarily a Drum Circle kind of event in the beginning, and evolved into a
multi-instrument event, which changes each year I go.  The acoustics are
weird and wonderful.  One year, a fellow brought a deep saxophone, and
played it from one end of the tunnel; and, at the other end, I accompanied
on eBow-acoustic guitar, muttering "I've got a thing about chickens,"
between riffs.  It's never gone more than one night, I've always been up 
night for it, and just headed home in the morning after someone makes
coffee.  In addition I must say that I learned playing in front of people
(gasp!) up at this venue, and always look for an opportunity to go, fire
permitting.  (Right now there's a fire at the bottom of Schumaker
Canyon/East Fork, and if it denudes the entire countryside, there won't be
any warnings about campfires, since there won't be anything left to burn!)

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Subject: Burning Man anyone?

> Hi gang!
> Did any of youse attend this years Burning Man festival? A key playing
friend of mine returned and is now raving about all the techo-electronic
music he saw and is trying to get me into his game plan for next year...
While I'm very interested, I was initially very worried about dust and dirt
in very expensive equipment. Also noisy generators etc. I'd love to discuss
all of this as well as the potential for some possible collaboration at 
years event with any of you.
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