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Re: extremely lofi ideas...

Ryan Novak wrote:

> --- lance glover <baumhaus@earthlink.net> wrote:
> > ps
> > anyone out there play around with hinges? really
> > squeaky ones on light weight doors
> > that can be moved fairly rapidly (like those found
> > on cheap tract home cabinets) can
> > produce some nice unusual textures (and you don't
> > have to order them through
> > musician's fiend)...

for some quality door/hinge noises, check out "Variations on a Door and
a Sigh" by Piere Henry (1963).  it's intention seems more to demonstrate
the similar expressiveness between human sounds (the sigh) and everyday
environmental sounds (the door).  i think.  not looping music at all,
except that it's by henry, one of the founders of musique concrete,
which i suppose (besides the italian futurists in the 20s) is the
foundation of loop music.  anyway, just wander into any university
librarary and listen to it there, cause you won't find it anywhere else.