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RE: extremely lofi ideas for the poor noisemaker

>also.  another good one. discovered one night in boston while listening to
>ricks very loud after lots of cheap wine.
>    play minimal techno/beat oriented music very loud in a cluttered room.
>wander around and listen closely to all of the objects on your walls,
tables, etc.
>as they vibrate in different ways.  and then (this is the hard part)
attempt to mic
>these little vibrations in such a way as to maximize their dynamics and
>the actual music's presence on your recording.  trying to record 
>this usually (for me) ends up producing very fluid, natural rhythms that
are more
>complex than basic thumpings.

How about starting with an uncluttered room, and bringing in the toys, one
by one?
Cut everything but the >deep< bass (The important part  for wobbling things
anyway) on the music you are playing back. Record the found sounds, and cut
the bass (there wouldn't be any coming from your new toys).

Then (and this is the important part) save as a zip file and send the new
loops/instrument samples as an attachment to jonathan@full-moon.com