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extremely lofi ideas for the poor noisemaker

hello loopers
    for those of us who can't run out and buy all the new fx processors
    i was visited by a revelation last night.  and honestly it isn't very
significant.  but it really does sound cool.  take microphones (cheapies 
that you
don't care about) and push them up against things that move.  like 
leave them there.  listen to the nice beats and loopy things this 
produces.  if you
do it right, and the microphone is slightly offset each time the machine 
through a cycle of motion, the sound loop morphs very slowly into 
different timbral
bits.  its pretty much the same as micing machines, but here the 
microphone becomes
involved in the sound production in a more instrumental fashion.

also.  another good one. discovered one night in boston while listening to 
ricks very loud after lots of cheap wine.
    play minimal techno/beat oriented music very loud in a cluttered room. 
wander around and listen closely to all of the objects on your walls, 
tables, etc.
as they vibrate in different ways.  and then (this is the hard part) 
attempt to mic
these little vibrations in such a way as to maximize their dynamics and 
the actual music's presence on your recording.  trying to record 
vibrations like
this usually (for me) ends up producing very fluid, natural rhythms that 
are more
complex than basic thumpings.
sorry, these ideas are really quite silly and mundane, but i felt like 
typing a bit
and therefore decided to subject you all to my ramblings.