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Re: Digital Answering Machine; slightly OFF-TOPIC

> From: Tom Lambrecht [mailto:hideo@concentric.net]
> Sent: Friday, September 10, 1999 2:44 PM
> I thought you were DEAD . . .

Not dead, just swamped.  There's a difference: I'm having a real good time
while gulping for air...%^)

> wait to purchase that expensive rack module until you've thoroughly
> exhausted the possibilities inherent in the Texas Instruments
> Speak and ####
> educational toys (using a jumper wire to short and trigger the PC
> traces)--have the minidisc plugged in and ready--the results are
> unpredictable and rarely reproducible

So you're into this ed-u-ca-tion-al toy torture thing, huh Tom?  Been goin'
on long?  YOU must be the guy slidin' through church basement rummage 
Hooded snake-eyes glint past faded poodles and home-pierced barbies.  
The Speak n Spells!  You contain intense excitement, electrified.  The hand
darts out.  Walk normally BE COOOOL, cool and pay the lady a worn dollar
bill clenched tight in the fist...

Yeah, OK.  So I'm feelin' pretty twisted tonight after repeatedly poking my
answering machine in the face.