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RE: order of pedals

> *standard* approach is compression/boost up front (guitar end), then wah,
> then
> overdrive/distortion, then reverb/delay, and finally modulation effects
> (phaser/trem...).
        ** i have a slightly different take as i like to have the delay (or
reverb when i used to use one) as the very last thing in the chain. i like
this because you get a delay of all the crap that you put into it - - and
it's especially important if your delay(s) also act(s) as your looper(s) on

        the other thing is that some people think that you should have fuzz
after trem/chorus (or uni-vibe) effects. if you have two fuzz/overdrive
pedals, you can do one before and one after (since i have three i run one
before a phaser/chorus, one after, then a trem, then another overdrive  . .
. they all yield different nuances in different orders).

        the other thing is that some pedals don't react well in combination
after another sort of pedal, but sound amazing before that pedal for the
same combination. it all comes down to the synergies of the pedals. as
someone said: experiment, experiment, experiment.