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Re: Filters?

there're various toys out there that I think could be useful to have a
cleanaer and stronger signal from your sampler: basicly a good use of
compressors, noise gates, EQs or low pass filters could make great 


At 13.00 17/09/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello people,
>I've been on the list for months now, and I want to seize a chance to say
>how much I appreciate the traffic it generates (although most of it is
>definitely out of my reach...).
>I have a question for all those loop gurus out there.
>I make loop music and I've recently started experimenting with very low-fi
>sampling (i.e. sampling at frequencies of 8 and 4 kHz...)
>The results can be very interesting because the loops change dramatically
>and new textures appear. Also I like to slow down the loops until drums
>sound like waves of an ocean from a planet far away and bass lines create 
>low vibration in the speakers rather than a proper sound or melody. Snares
>become pretty scary too...
>But here I have a problem: along with these interesting new sounds, the
>lo-fi samples will often also produce a disturbing hiss which I'd like to
>get rid off. I would also like to be able to toy with the sounds produced
>by my sampler and possibly compress the sound to get it more compact (I
>don't know if I'm clear enough).
>Can anybody suggest a device I could insert between the *line out* of my
>sampler and the *line in* of my amplifier to achieve a more compact,
>rounder sound and filter out some frquencies to eventually get rid of the
>For those interested here's my (super simple) setup:
>Akai s20 sampler MIDI controlled by a Yamaha QY70 sequencer (I don't use
>the voice generator of the QY, I only use it to trigger samples). The line
>out of the Akai goes to a mixer then to the amp or recorder (the recording
>device is presently DEAD, it was a SHARP MS702 MD recorder).
>The line 2 of the mixer I use for voice.
>Incidentally, I was recently given a BOSS VT1 voice tansformer. 
>but (apparently) limited. Anybody with hints or a manual on how to use 
>Thank you all.
>PiR [aka FreezerMan]
>The Akai s20 page (in French):