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Hello people,

I've been on the list for months now, and I want to seize a chance to say
how much I appreciate the traffic it generates (although most of it is
definitely out of my reach...).

I have a question for all those loop gurus out there.

I make loop music and I've recently started experimenting with very low-fi
sampling (i.e. sampling at frequencies of 8 and 4 kHz...)
The results can be very interesting because the loops change dramatically
and new textures appear. Also I like to slow down the loops until drums
sound like waves of an ocean from a planet far away and bass lines create a
low vibration in the speakers rather than a proper sound or melody. Snares
become pretty scary too...

But here I have a problem: along with these interesting new sounds, the
lo-fi samples will often also produce a disturbing hiss which I'd like to
get rid off. I would also like to be able to toy with the sounds produced
by my sampler and possibly compress the sound to get it more compact (I
don't know if I'm clear enough).

Can anybody suggest a device I could insert between the *line out* of my
sampler and the *line in* of my amplifier to achieve a more compact,
rounder sound and filter out some frquencies to eventually get rid of the

For those interested here's my (super simple) setup:
Akai s20 sampler MIDI controlled by a Yamaha QY70 sequencer (I don't use
the voice generator of the QY, I only use it to trigger samples). The line
out of the Akai goes to a mixer then to the amp or recorder (the recording
device is presently DEAD, it was a SHARP MS702 MD recorder).
The line 2 of the mixer I use for voice.

Incidentally, I was recently given a BOSS VT1 voice tansformer. Interseting
but (apparently) limited. Anybody with hints or a manual on how to use this

Thank you all.


PiR [aka FreezerMan]
The Akai s20 page (in French):