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Re: absolut mess

>--- wb5150@earthlink.net wrote:
>> My EDP has inexplicably blown two fuses in the past
>> week. Has anyone
>> else suffered through this dilemma? If so, were
>> there strange causal
>> factors involved? Also, which intoxicants seemed to
>> work best during the
>> downtime?

>I took a fuse out of another working echoplex (factory
>original fuse), put it in the offending echoplex, and
>no problem, the fuse did not blow.  I put a
>replacement fuse in the good edp, and the replacement
>would blow just like in the other edp. I could not see
>any difference in the factory original fuse that
>worked and my replacement fuses that blew quickly.
>I measured the current draw from the edp that first
>blew the fuse, and my other 2 edp, and saw no
>difference in current draw.
>In desparation I installed a slightly larger fuse
>(kids don't try this at home).  It worked then, and
>has worked fine for months now.
>My only guess is that the edp is drawing surge current
>(on power up) very close to the original fuses limits,
>and that the 1/4 amp replacements I bought were on the
>low end of the distribution (of current req'd to blow
>the fuse).

about every transformer driven machine draws more at power up.
"slow blow" fuses are made for this. Did you get those or the quick ones?

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