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Re: Boss GT-3 Processor and looping

All I can say Doug... is that I bought a GX-700 and spent a year
getting more and more great sounds out of it. Jamming side by side
with tube amps and recording as well. I finally upgraded to a GT-5 and
have been ecstatic ever since! 

I've compared it to Line6 stuff and found that maybe the Line6 stuff
has more useful presets for performance situations, but if you're
willing to tweak, you'll be able to get all the same beef, warmth and
much wilder stereo effects from the Boss/Roland processors. The midi
and real time control stuff is better for the most part than several
much more expensive boxes I've owned. It has a few idiosyncrosies but
I really love that box. 

As for looping... Much of this courtesy of Dave Coffin... The delay
hold function and Sound on Sound really work great and there's a
little trick of copying 5 of the same looping patches across a bank...
then changing the od's and mod parameters without changing the fx
order... which gives you a looper with delay spillover into the next
patch where you might have vastly different sounds... In manual mode
you can turn off and on any 5 parameters such as autowah, delay, mod,
fx loop, dist etc. 

David Coffin is another happy GT-5 user as well and a listen to his
stuff really shows off what it can do... From what I've heard about
the GT-3, I'd say it probably does some great new things and seems to
have retained all the other nice features of the GT-5 in a smaller
footprint with a slightly different user i/f. I doubt that I'll ever
go back to an amp...

Miko Biffle                                    "Running scared from
all the usual distractions..."

>>> "K. Douglas Baldwin" <dbaldwin@suffolk.lib.ny.us> 09/16 3:16 PM
> Hey gang! I am totally jazzed up on the Boss GT-3 (floor-type FX
processor, lists for under $500). I am reviewing it for Guitar World
and it is d-e-e-p, like that trench in the Pacific....