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Boss GT-3 Processor and looping

Hey gang! I am totally jazzed up on the Boss GT-3 (floor-type FX processor,
lists for under $500). I am reviewing it for Guitar World and it is 
like that trench in the Pacific. Lots of fresh sounds, and painfully
flexible - massive tweaking parameters, and you can order the FX in any
configuration you wish (like massive distortion on a 100% saturated reverb,
chopped off with a noise gate). And it has an outboard in-out point - an
outboard FX loop point - which can be similarly assigned to any point in 
configuration. I could rant for multiple screens on it, but I have a
    So what I'm wondering is, is anyone using one of these pups for 
I've been massaging my own live rig over the past couple months, and I'm 
set to chuck the whole enchilada (Rat distortion, Moogerfooger ring mod,
Alesis microverb, a couple of other stomp boxes, but  ESPECIALLY the Mesa
Boogie Heartbreaker 2x12 combo - all 100 pounds of it - and all the damn
patch cords) in favor of just the GT-3, Akai Headrush and a Crate Acoustic
Guitar amp. So simple, I don't even have to make a diagram!
    Any GT-3 loopers out there?

Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster