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Re: New standard tuning scales and arpeggios

Yeah - Im gonna start looking for violin, viola, and cello books in the
libraries everywhere - maybe Ill look for books about the mandolin too. I
should have done that sooner. I wonder if the cello fingerings might help
because its tuned to fifths but the 1/2 steps are far apart like a guitar 
the cello. Do you tune to fifths?
Andy Pollow

Adam Levin wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, George Pollow wrote:
> > Hey - I came up with the idea of tuning my guitar to fifths like a
> > violin almost a year ago. I found out several days later that I wasnt
> > the first to come up with this idea ( grrr!!!! ) but I have never been
> > able to find any scale and arpeggio fingerings anywhere on the
> > internet so I had to figure it out myself. It took me a long time and
> > I think I have some good things for it but I would still be interested
> > in seeing how other people go about fingering this stuff. I wrote out
> > a long list of fingerings for fifth tuning and I can E-mail it to
> > anyone that is interested in seeing how I do it.
> Have you considered buying a mandolin instructional book? Lots of
> chords/scales/etc for 5ths tuning.
> -Adam
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