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stereo EDP set-up and noise

Hello -

I recently borrowed a friend's EDP for so I could do some stereo loops.
Both machines have the latest software upgrade.

There were a few things I noticed.

1) When I would start to RECORD a loop, a new "scratchy" noise would engage
as soon as I hit the RECORD button.  (It would NOT be there when I was just
passing signal through the units without recording a loop.)  Each unit 
work silently by itself.

2) On the first day, and using MIDI and stereo cable for Brother Sync, both
units synched up with exactly similar loop length display times.  However,
on the send day, with the same set-up, I noticed one machine would display 
10th of a second shorter a loop.

To solve the first problem I tried everything I could think of.
        powering up again
        disconnecting/reconnecting all cables
        disconnecting/reconnecting midi cable
        re-initializing units.

Nothing worked, I just dealth with the problem and only recorded LOUD

By the way, the borrowed unit had the "input sensitivity" modification (in
theory).  What I noticed is that it really didn't have much better input
sensitivity -- but it had twice the OUTPUT gain of my unit.

Does anyone have clues to offer to solve the noise problem?

David Kirkdorffer