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Re: Shockwave

David Myers wrote:

> Does anyone here have experience in putting up sound samples on websites
> via Shockwave?  I've been dragging my feet concerning audio at my site, 
> in my experience Realplayer spends half its time choking.  FingerPaint's
> site uses Shockwave audio, and it's smooth as silk.  Anybody?
> David Myers
> http://www.pulsewidth.com

Our pals at Macromedia have really figured out some useful applications
for multimedia, on the Web as elsewhere. Shockwave is the portable,
compressable format for their "presentation" software packages Director
(a presentation package with its own programming language, Lingo, which
allows for more sophisticated behaviors than click and wait, although
that's what it's mostly used for...) and Flash (a vector animation
program, that, in the capabilities of its latest version, is beginning
to rival Director). Although more emphasis is put on its visual
functions, it's true that its audio tools are excellent for making
small, portable files available for those browsers which are have the
plug-ins (you can also make stand-alone "projectors" and inflict...I
mean, generously share...your files on whomever you wish, although these
are platform-specific and you'd need a platform-specific version of
either software package to create these projectors). If you just want to
put Shockwaved files on a website, Flash is much cheaper than Director;
with either, you can guage the amount of compression you want when
Shock-ing your file down to size. Macromedia's site has more info -- can
you guess its URL?

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