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Re: Portable Looping Rig

>Hey David,
>I looked at the diagram of your looping rig on www.pulsewidth.com.  Man, 
>must have spent a fortune on patch cords! :-)

Not really.  My patchcord count is WAY down.  Other guys' diagrams
mentioned/posted here are far more complex.

>Seriously, here's my question:  You know how they say that the sound of 
>instrument is in your hands?  And if two different guitarists play the 
>rig, each one sounds different?  Have you found this with your looping 
>Mark Kata

When another guitarist gets a chance to play it, I'll let you know!
Really, though, in a way a "looping rig" is almost as impersonal as a
"recording studio"--it's figuring out what the hell to do with it that
makes music, right?  Besides, I can barely play a guitar....

David Myers