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Re: Zoom 2100

In the "mod" stage, select 7 (delay), whatever delay time you want (up to 6
sec.), and dial feedback just past 10.  The display will read "S.o" for
sound-on-sound.  You can use all the other stages with it, like ring mod,
distortion, and EQ before your loop, and reverb or ping pong delay after
the loop.  If you've seen my loop layout at my website, I use "2100 #2"
most often in this way.

David Myers


>In a message dated 9/13/99 9:25:30 PM Mid-Atlantic Daylight Time,
>dmgraph@pulsewidth.com writes:
><< But heck, you can still use some of the effects AND the 6-second
> sound-on-sound delay. >>
>how do you do this on the zoom 2100, sound-on-sound delay, are we talking
>about the same box?..............please tell............michael