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Re: RE: Show and tell

>Actually, the 16L is a very affordable EXPRESSION pedal; comes with a 
>cable attached with a tip/ring 1/4-in. plug on the end...goes into a 
>(or similar) pedal jack for parameter modulation, just like the EV-5, 
>is twice as much $$, without, so far as I can tell, being any more 
>smoother, or whatever.

    Do they sell an expression pedal that'll work with the Zoom 2100?

david myers:
>  On the foot controller issue, I posted a
>question a couple of weeks back which no one responded to: will a Roland
>EV-5 work with the 2100?  The answer is no, not stock.  I've found that 
>pot in the EV-5 is 10K, and the resistance needed by the Zoom is probably
>at least 50K.  I've replaced the pot in my EV-5 (two of them, actually)
>with a 100K from Radio Shack, and it's swell.  Probably any footpedal will
>do if you get the right pot into it.  Wire one side of the pot to ground,
>and the other lugs to ring and tip plug conductors (the two "signal"
>conductors in your stereo cord).