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"Source/Product" CD project

I have to cancel my LD subscription for now due to this e-mail address 
being cancelled.

This will be my last post to this page about "Source/Product"

So far, I have 5 people signed on for this project. They are Ryan Novak, 
Andy Soto,
Chris Cory, The Bran Flakes, and myself. We need about 7 more to get this 

Here's a description of the project, in case anybody missed it:

"SOURCE/PRODUCT" Every participant will send me a tape or CD with pieces 
of audio to be
used as source material. Probably between 3-5 minutes per person. This 
will be fairly
simple stuff. I'm currently working on mine, and it's mostly parts of old 
things I
recorded only 1 or 2 tracks for. No polished, completed songs or anything. 
The sounds
can be anything, just remember that people will be sampling/processing 
them. Make it
interesting! (Please don't get me sued for copyright infringement.) I'll 
then compile a
CD of everybody's "source" material and send it to everybody 
participating. If you sent
me source material on tape then I'll send the tape back too. Then you make 
music using
ONLY the material on the source CD. 5-6 minures per person this time. Send 
me the music
on a tape with no noise reduction and I'll master it and send you the CD 
everybody's "product". It will be a 2 CD set. Source is the first CD. To 
participate in
this project, you'll need something to send me material twice (on tape or 
CD), and I'm
estimating the final product will probably cost $8-10, that's the cost of 
the 2 CD's
with postage, jewel case(s), and artwork.

I have excellent noise reduction software on my computer. If we use high 
bias Maxell or
TDK tapes with NO noise reduction, we’ll wind up with the nicest sounding 

If there's anybody else who's interested or wants more information, please 
contact my
other e-mail address.


I'll be unsubscribing from Looper's Delight in a few minutes. It's been a 
pleasure being


matt davignon