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Re: Show and tell

Hi All,

In a message dated 9/12/99 6:25:36 AM, dmgraph@pulsewidth.com writes:

>>Ted Killian did a nice diagram but probably not everyone
>>wanted to have it downloaded with their mail...

Sorry. My sincere apologies to all. I wasn't really thinking was I? I've 
a little extra time on my hands lately and figured that since it was only 
110k JPEG it wouldn't be a significant problem for folks.

>>(and I was wondering where the looping was happening, Ted?), 

Is your question technical or geographical? 

If technical then it's the two Oberheim EDPs shown in the diagram (mostly) 
and to a lesser degree, the Vortex. If you're refering to geography, I'm 
Southern Oregon and play the odd gig in and around the towns of Ashland, 
Medford and Eugene. 

A few years back I was living in and playing around Southern Cal from L.A. 
Santa Barbara. I moved up North for a job and lifestyle change and got 
somewhat stranded in the cultural "outback" so to speak.

>>while Randy Jones avoided this by using his website, but his 
>>diagram still requires download time, and since I'm a Mac
>>user I can't do anything with zip files!

Sorry, I don't have a website quite yet. I have Cyberstudio and hope to 
one up in a few months though. BTW--I'm  a Mac person too (by trade a 
freelance professional graphics type to be exact). Try Stuffit Deluxe for 
unzipping those zip files.

Best regards,