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Re: Steve Reich question

stig moth,

yes, i think you'll dig reich.  i'm a violinist in his band for 10 years
now, and there is lot's of interesting stuff to explore.  I would suggest
the following...

1. An Internet Search (just to find out a bit about the progression of his
2.  Nonesuch just released a HUGE cd collection of all his current work
3  And last but not least, here is the list of the order of his major
compositions.... in chronological order.  You'll notice he started out with
tape pieces, then phasing instrumental pieces, and then moved on to 
works.  enjoy, hope this helps, please let us (on the list) know if you 
any other questions.  perhaps someone else will respond as well...
4.  if you have to start with only one cd, i'd recommend the different
trains/electric counterpoint cd  with the kronos quartet/pat metheny.  
wise i'd recommend starting at the beginning.  it's worth it to see the
progression.  And as the very important composer that he is, I think a good
collection of work in hand is a wise educational tool for all of us..l.


todd reynolds


it's gonna rain

come out

piano phase

four organs


clapping music

six marimbas

Music for mallet instruments, voices and organ

music for 18 musicians

eight lines (octet)


The Desert Music


New York Counterpoint

three movements

four sections

electric counterpoint

different trains

the cave

nagoya marimbas

city  life


Stig Moth wrote:

> hi to everyone,
>                   I have just joined this list and hope that someone here
> may be able to help me with a query.  I have heard much about Steve Reich
> and have been told on a couple of occasions that I would like his music,
> however on visiting a music store I was confronted with about twenty
> different albums/imports and have no idea where to start.  Could someone
> recommend a good first choice as an intro duction to Steve Reich's music?
> Much appreciated,
> Sophie.
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