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Re:Digital copycat

Hi All,
I know there are some computer loopers out there. Just thought you'd
like to know that there's a new VST plugin that imitates the old WEM
copycats in many respects. You can download it from the Steinberg site
and it's FREE. It's called "Karlette".
Basically you have 4 delays each with independant dealy time, panning
feedback and damping (so that subsequent echoes lose top). The delay
only goes up to 2 seconds but since its in software you could run as
many as you like in series.
Now here's a funny thing. I already have lots of delay plugins from 1 to
60 seconds and I play with these a lot. I first started looping on a WEM
Copycat (i'm assuming people know what this is here). Since messing
about with this new plugin I seem to be getting more sucessful loops
than before. My theory is that the interface is at least as important to
the musician as the absolute power of the device itself. Reinforcing the
"whatever suits you idea".